The Best Apex Legends Gameplay Settings PS4, Xbox One

The Best Apex Legends Gameplay Settings:

  • Interact Prompt Style: Compact
  • Button Hints: On
  • Crosshair Damage Feedback: X w/Shield Icon
  • Damage Numbers: Stacking
  • Ping Opacity: Default
  • Obituaries: On
  • Minimap Rotation: On
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty: On
  • Auto-Sprint: Off
  • Double-Tap Sprint: Off
  • Incoming Damage Feedback: 2D/3D (Both)
  • Takimg Damage Closes Deathbox Menu: On
  • Streamer Mode: Off
  • Usage Sharing: Disabled
  • Color Blind Mode: Off
  • Subtitles: On
  • Subtitles Size: Normal
  • Enable Accessible Chat Features: Off

There is not much to change here. The setting options are up to you. “Interact Prompt Style” set to “Compact” eliminates clutter. Set “Streamer Mode” to “Off” if you are not streaming.

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