The Best Video And Audio Settings For Apex Legends On PS4 And Xbox One

The Best Apex Legends Video Settings:

  • Field of View: 84
  • Sprint View Shake: Normal

A larger field of view as an option is unusual for consoles. Having the really wide field of view can seriously affect performance and lead to failure. It is recommended to slightly increase the field of view on PS4 or Xbox One.

The Best Apex Legends Audio Settings:

  • Master Volume: 95%
  • Sound Effects Volume: 100%
  • Dialogue Volume: 85%
  • Music Volume: 40%
  • Lobby Music Volume: 40%
  • Disable Voice Chat: Off
  • Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text: Off

The built-in chat in this game is bad. If you want to hear other players, lower the music volume. I recommend a headset for communication with the players. PS4 and Xbox One allow you to talk while playing.

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